The Healthcare Experience Design Conference blends the powerhouse perspectives of healthcare thought leaders, product developers, and design implementers across a broad spectrum of healthcare technologies and delivery channels.

Informative, inspiring and above all practical, this conference will empower technologists, usability practitioners, design practitioners and thought leaders to improve healthcare technologies from electronic health records to web-based applications, medical devices, and human services.

HxD Conference Announcment

From: Amy Cueva, Founder, Chief Experience Officer, and Healthcare Principal at Mad*Pow

It’s been almost six months since last year’s HxD Conference. We’ve been busy processing attendee feedback, reviewing the videos and transcripts posted at the conference site, and brainstorming ways to make the next conference even more informative and inspiring. And, honestly, we’re still coming down from the high of being surrounded by so much passion and commitment.

We want the 2012 conference to have the same amazingly transformative energy, a renewed belief that together we can change the world for the better. But we’d also like participants to leave with a clear sense of direction and focus and some actionable insights and solid methods to put to use back in the real world. Dreams are great, but it takes lots of hard work to make them a reality.

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